What is Flower Entertainment

The Famous Flower Clown

Flower Entertainment grew out of Flower Clown.


Flower Clown

Just the facts ma'am..... Flower Clown started way back in 1985 when Mom picked up a unicycle from the Middlefield Auction. Auctions were a big part of my childhood. Mom bought a pile of stuff and in that pile was a unicycle. Growing up in Leroy where the roads were an asphalt / gravel mix skateboarding was not an option but, the unicycle worked. I taught my self how to ride  using crutches and I still carry a unicycle with me in my van till this day. A few years passed and in 1988 I got a job working at PowerPlay in the Power House in the Flats of Cleveland. There was a Mime there making balloons. There was young children in my family so I thought making balloon animals would be great to learn and I grew up on Legos so I was always tinkering and building things. The Mime was not a nice guy so I went to John's Fun House and bought a bag of 260 balloons from Jeff Reid. Put the balloon to my mouth and it ended there. Never knew how hard the twisting balloons were to blow up. Well I stick with it and after a few weeks I got air in the balloons. I taught myself to make dogs, flowers and swords and for the next 9 years I made these 3 balloons from time to time for the family. Then in 1997 after spending a year traveling Asia I got home and got my old job back. This time there was a clown there on the weekends making balloon animals so I showed him what I knew. He show me they made balloons pumps! After that there was no stopping me. 3 years later I quite my electronic engineering  job and have been a full time close sense July of 2000. Flower Entertainment grew out of Flower Clown having too many parties on the weekend that he/I could handel. Now my wife Stacy runs the Business side leaving me time to clown.


That is it in a nut shell or am I just a nut?